Correcting process started


So last weekend I started transcribing the corrections of A-Gen 2. So far so good I’m on chapter 5. And one person will be testing the chapters while I do them so that’s double work done 🙂

Also, if anyone has read A-Gen‘s book, please tell me. I’m eager to hear what do you think. Those that tell me about it in here or either goodreads, will receive a special limited present for free.

Don’t miss your chance!



I’m back


Back from my long vacation. I don’t feel like going to work tomorrow…

Also I finished editing the A-Gen 2 chapters, just need to transcript them. I guess I will write more chapters after it.

Happy Holidays!


All books have been sent and I just hope they get on time before Christmas for everyone to enjoy them 🙂
I’m already at my boyfriend’s house enjoying a sea of homemade cookies that will make my belly hurt. I’m a cookie lover, they are my weakness… So we will see if I end up not being able to go through doors or what.

Happy Holidays to everyone!