“No tests can detect it; the only clue about having the gene, is getting really ill before starting to recover amazingly fast. The A-Gen, the genetic alteration that gives powers to people, might be inside my body. But I still don’t know anything about it. Not yet.

My name is Samantha Carter and everything is going to change, I am going to change.

If nearly dying wasn’t enough, being invited to join one of the most prestigious universities in all America, Abberty College, is no little deal.

But first, let’s talk about my summer. Going to Abberty Preparatory Camp was going to be a piece of cake. What I didn’t expect, was finding out that people there also have superpowers and that, maybe, I am one of them.

Without the gene, my memories will be erased–which creeps me out–and I will be kicked out.

Add into this mess Elijah, a hot-psycho-pervert-ability-user with striking blue eyes that is making my life a living hell the moment we meet–who kisses a girl he barely knows, at night, in her room, without being invited? Apparently, him. A French guy with DANGEROUS written on his forehead and exams that threaten your live.

When someone in the shadows keeps attacking the place, showing a sickening interest in Elijah, and now, me, training in the camp becomes essential to protect my friends and myself.

Who said summer camps were fun?”


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