Correcting process started


So last weekend I started transcribing the corrections of A-Gen 2. So far so good I’m on chapter 5. And one person will be testing the chapters while I do them so that’s double work done 🙂

Also, if anyone has read A-Gen‘s book, please tell me. I’m eager to hear what do you think. Those that tell me about it in here or either goodreads, will receive a special limited present for free.

Don’t miss your chance!



Slowly but secure


Thanks to all of you who have already bought the book. Every once and then I see some sale and it always makes my day. I’m really excited to know what the first reader thinks about it, who will be the first reviewing the book and if it’s going to be a good or a bad one. Let’s hope for the first XD

Anyways, thanks to everyone who’s promoting the book, purchasing it or just talking about it. You are AWESOME!