Congratulations to the Giveaway winner!
I’m really happy as 1302 people ended up participating! Thank you!!

The giveaway has been so successful that I’m planning on doing something special before Christmas.

Stay tuned!





So here’s my first and official post. I hope it’s the first of many!

Right now my editor (AKA my American boyfriend because I’m Spanish and English is not my main language), it’s helping me editing the book. We are half way and I have already designed the chapter and pages, meaning that this month the book will be already available to purchase. YAY!

I’m really excited about it and I hope people like the story and if not, I hope they tell me what it’s missing! (I’m very positive with good and bad feedback, stories can’t liked by everyone).

Book 2 it’s now on vacation while I finish this, but I will start with it again as soon as I can.

I hope to see you soon!

Eva B. M.